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Get a deep understanding of Tanzania Tax Laws and get all tax related updates on the go

  • 1
    Tax Laws

    Understand each tax law and its implications. Some of these tax laws include - Income tax, VAT, Tax Administration

  • 2
    Knowledge Base

    We have curated a vast majority of the Frequently Asked Questions on Tax in tanzania and explained them in a super simple way.

  • 3
    Updates and Reminders

    You won't miss any task related event. We simply notify you on the go or you browse the entire calendar in the app

  • 4
    Our take on Tanzania Tax

    You will get a collection of all our latest Tax related opinions created by our team of experts in the field.

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We equip you with the necessary resources you might need to excel in your Accounting profession.

  • 1
    Accounting Standards

    You will get to learn about different types of Accounting Standards and the importance of each one of them in an Organization

  • 2
    Knowledge Base

    We have free resources crafted specifically for you to understand various aspects of accounting.

  • 3
    Accounting Updates

    Get updated on the importance aspects of the accounting standards. For example, An overview of IFRS 9 and its adoption in Tanzania

  • 4
    Our curated materials on Accounting

    Browse through a vast collection of all our professionally crafted accounting contents

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Business Trainings

You will find all the upcoming trainings we have scheduled and register to attend in a super easy way

  • 1
    Tax Training

    Learn about the various Taxes applicable to the Public & Private Sector Entities in Tanzania

  • 2
    Risk Management

    Risk Management in Tanzania: The current status, challenges and way forward and the role of Risk Department and Internal Auditors

  • 3

    Learn about the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) & the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSASs)

  • 4
    Internal Audit

    Gain a deep understanding of Internal Audit including Risks, Internal Controls and Governance

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Learn about the difference types of Audit and understand how and why they are conducted in an organization

  • Financial Statements Audits
  • Internal Audit
  • Project/donor funded audits
  • Government audits
  • Projects development, Monitoring and Impact Assessment
  • Procurement and Value for money audits
  • Forensic Audit; and Audit review
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Bonus Features


1. Tanzania Tax Events/ Reminders Calendar

Never miss any important tax activity like :

A) Filing of VAT returns

B) Payment of Withholding Tax, PAYE and SDL

C) Payment of Income Tax

D) Updates on TAX related matters

2. PAYE Calculator

A free, up-todate & easy to use Pay As You Earn calculator which
shows you how much from your salary goes to

A) Social security

B) PAYE Deductions to the government

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